Friday, September 7, 2018

How Buncee became my Favorite School Tool

About three years ago, I discovered Buncee.  I used it so that students would get to know me and know which material they would need in our ESL class.  

Then, last year, I kind of rediscovered Buncee.  I introduced myself, looping my Buncee while parents would wait for the first meeting to start.   

As I explored all the possibilities (Assignments and Boards are just fantastic tools!), I figured I could also write all my planning when a substitute teacher would have to replace me.  Since I use a lot of technology in my classroom, I never know how much of "techie", this teacher will be.  So I would send all the information to my students, using Buncee.  That way, I knew the students were given the correct instructions.

And this year, I decided to send my weekly newsletter to all parents with Buncee.  I tested Buncee 3.0 where I could resize de canvas, click on the "undo" or "redo" button if I deleted something by mistake, and used the zooming feature to go more into details.

Needless to say that the possibilities are endless, with Buncee!!  

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